Who We Are

Rad Like Dad is a celebration of the moment in life when your Dad is your hero. When he is all knowing and can teach you anything. When weekends are for play and Mondays don’t matter. It’s a moment that doesn’t last forever, but leaves a lasting impression.

For a father, it’s a celebration of the moment when you see a better version of yourself in your kids. It’s the moment when teaching is more rewarding than doing. It’s times of laugh-out-loud randomness and smiles that melt your exterior. It’s a moment that can pass in an instant, but is cherished forever.

What We're About

Family first. Family fun. Family strong. We want to pass on what inspired and shaped us as kids. Ride, skate, surf, snow… rain or shine. Less screen time, more air time. Music that moves you and art that defines you. We believe families that play together stay together.

Rad Like Dad - Team Wessel