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This world-class family of rippers, currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii by way of the US Air Force, lives the RLD lifestyle like a boss. The Bogarts currently have 4 children, 3 of which are premier snowboarders competing in the USASA National Championships. If they’re not in Tahoe training Halfpipe, Slopestyle, or Rail Jam for the next USASA competition, you can find these guys at their favorite surf break or skate park laying it down.

Tyler: 12
Favorite Activities: School, snowboarding, surfing, coding, taking care of my sister Mackenzie

Kailey: 10
Favorite Activities: Surfing, snowboarding, ballet, skateboarding, did I say surfing?

Ashley: 8
Favorite Activities: Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, making Kenzie laugh

Mackenzie: 4
Favorite Activities: Playing at the beach, snowboarding, singing, dancing, making art, punching cancer IN THE FACE

Hey Kids, What’s up this winter? What adventures are in the plans and on the calendar?

Tyler: “I want to snowboard in coach Bud Keenes athlete training programs! I took last season off when my little sister was diagnosed with cancer. I just couldn't leave her back in Hawaii and focus on training. I want to hit as many new mountains as possible and ride with new and old friends. I want to meet some pros and hopefully be able to ride like I can in my dreams by the season end. My ultimate dream would be to heli drop a line in Alaska. I want to train up to surfing 6' Hawaiian size waves, which is pretty much a 12' face. I want to work on my style more than anything.”

Kailey: “Winter in Hawaii means big waves! I will be watching all my favorite surfers from all over the world surf in the famous Vans Triple Crown contests. I can't wait to watch the Pipe Masters! I hope to be the youngest girl to ever surf pipeline...with the best style. I want to improve my skating. I want to achieve all of my season goals. I want to boost 7-8' out of the half pipe this season. I want to be able to land 720s on the slope jump line. I want to have style, and I work super hard.”

Ashley: “First thing I want to do is go to ColoRADo and hit some new mountains, and see all my favorite TaHomies too.”

Mackenzie: “Do Christmas. Decorate Christmas tree. Play puzzles. Go to California and eat Panda Express. Panda panda panda, yummy orange chicken. I want to go on santas sleigh. Go SNOWBORTING!!”

What shakes you up in the water, on the ramp, and on the mountain?

Tyler: “Losing complete control by going "over the falls" on my surfboard. It's when you are at the top of the wave and it pulls you over with the lip. The bigger the wave, the bigger the suck factor. When skating, steep drops give me the butterflies. And wheel bite. Wheel bite sucks. I cracked my front tooth in half when I smashed my face dropping into a bowl. On the mountain, gapping to sketchy rails.”

Kailey: “In the water- Sharks. One day my leash got stuck on the reef and I thought a shark had hold of it, because I got pulled under as the current pulled me the opposite direction. I managed to get my leash off under water. I screamed shark and swam into shore. My board was tombstoning in the water out there attached to the reef. My friends brought my board to me, but the leash is still stuck on the reef to this day. Everyone gave me a hard time for freaking out. 
On the ramp- trying new tricks for the first time not knowing if I can land them. 
On the mountain- trying to bounce back from a hard fall.”

Ashley: “When I duck dive my surfboard, I'm scared of sharks about to bite my head off. No big deal. In skateboarding, I'm scared of wheel bite dropping into big bowls and breaking my face and ruining this perfect smile. On snow, my only fear is falling off the lift. I actually almost did once during a comp at Donner mountain on the sketchiest chairlift ever in super high wind. My dad caught me by my jacket.”

Mackenzie: “Sharks that haves bleeding noses. A guy got his leg bite off, and it's not a story, it really happened. He was on a board and the shark came and it bit his leg off, and he have to go to the hostible a long long time. (News about North Shore surfer Colin cook even made it into the toddler coconut wireless).”

If your Mom and your Dad were to have a backflip competition, who would win and why?

Tyler: “Mom. She has done quads off a trampoline when she was younger.”

Kailey: “Mom because she was like a professional gymnast and used to land double back flips.”

Ashley: “Hahaha this is easy. Mom. Because she is more flexible.”

Mackenzie: “Mom can do a backflip?!!!!”

If you could have any superpower you wanted, what would it be and why?

Kailey: “My superpower would be to grant kids wishes and make sick people happy by granting them anything they want in the world.”

Ashley: “I want to be able to be able to think of something and then be able to turn into it. Like Wonder Woman. Or like a Christmas tree to make another kid who doesn't have one smile. Or an airplane. A fast Airplane.”

Mackenzie: “I want to be batman. Well, batman is a boy you know, so batgirl. Or Super girl. I want to fly. For real. With no pixie dust." Kenzie dressed up as Tinker Bell for Halloween and was genuinely disappointed when the wings on her costume didn't actually make her fly. We had to tell her that Peter Pan forgot the pixie dust. She believed us.”

We know how amazing the Bogart family is, but to those who don’t yet know you; what can you share about yourself and the Bogart family that you think everyone needs to know?

Tyler: “The biggest thing we fight about is who is going to play with Mackenzie. And shotgun. When we fight over seats my dad just tells us all to get in the back. My dad is awesome. He works long and hard everyday. He has been in the military since 1995. He wants to spend more time with us but sacrifices so much so he can be a great officer. I was born in an Italian hospital on an American floor. I can apply for dual citizenship and become an Italian citizen one day if I want. I want to surf one whole day with Kelly Slater and John John Florence.”

Kailey: “I really like traveling. People probably don't know that I was actually born in Italy and have been to Jamaica and used to live in Florida and California. I like meeting all the different people and trying different foods all over the place. I think it is amazing to try new things in different places.”

Ashley: “I'm a coffee person. I sneak my moms coffee all the time. (Don't tell her ok?) I want to be a pro snowboarder and surfer and also a movie star. I love singing and dancing even though it drives everyone crazy.”

Mackenzie: “My favorite songs is Fight Song and Taylor swift bad blood and This Girl is on Fire, and Brass Monkey...and Let the Bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!”

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