Team Johnson - Rad Like Dad

This father-son duo can melt metal, sweep the leg, and paint you a picture of Pikachu riding a hawk on your forearm. BOOM. All in a days work for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, tattoo artist, and master welder, Lindsey Johnson and son Domico.

Domico: 7
Favorite Activities: Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, BMX, Basketball, Pokemon, Driving his parents bananas

Hey Domico, what are you looking forward to this upcoming winter? Any tournaments coming up?

Domico: “I'm looking forward to sledding and snowball fights. I don't know of any tournamens that are coming up but I want to do all the tournaments that are in Seattle.”

Let's say you and your dad were being chased by a giant t-Rex, what jiu-jitsu moves would you use to escape?

Domico: “My dad and I would each do a single leg take down and then go into arm bars, we'd each break an arm so the t-rex wouldn't be able to get up and chase us.”

If you were to draw your Dad into a cartoon character who would he be and why?

Domico: “I would draw him into a gold teenage mutant ninja turtle so he could save the world from bad guys.”

Does your Dad have any nunchuck skills?

Domico: “He can do a double back flip with nunchucks and a punch kick with a sword!”

What’s your favorite, most fun thing you and your Dad do together?

Domico: “I like to ride by bmx bike with my dad, play box with him, do jiu-jitsu with him, I like drawing with him and I like to play our fighting video game with him.”

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