Team Nastazio - Rad Like Dad

Pro BMX ripper, SKEE TV radio host, and father of two, Corey “Nasty” Nastazio is always on point and always down for the fam. Whether laying it down in the backyard or on the BMX world stage, the Nastazios grab life by the bars.

Hey Corey, you have a pretty unique story. How’d you come to be a rock star pro BMX family man?

Corey: “When I was a kid I knew school wasn't for me. I was always daydreaming thinking about being outside. I started riding bicycles at the age of 13. I didn't graduate because I turned pro at 16 and had to move to California to make a real living doing it. It was the best thing I ever did because I met a girl named Nicole Panattoni. That changed me from a boy to a man. With that came kids. I was always scared to have a kid until I realized it was the best thing in life I ever did. I basically had a mini me and I was blessed. I couldn't ask for a better more perfect son. It was like my science project I was forming him to be just like his dad, but without any of the mistakes that I've made. Stay in school, no tattoos, but all the right stuff I do. I would show him the way BMX, surf, karate, football, FMX,…school! Not to mention he is my best friend, and he teaches me a thing or two! My son is rad like dad but I’m building him up to be much more radder!!! Blessed.”

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